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Tips For Organizing Your Office Move

Tips For Organizing Your Office Move

Upcoming office moves can be exciting when you envision a new, perfectly organized, shiny office. The panic sets in when you realize the move needs to be planned, and you need to schedule packing, order boxes, and prepare everything to ensure a smooth transition.

Commercial or office moves are remarkably different from residential ones. They involve important files, heavy equipment, large pieces of furniture, and many other inventory items with unique moving requirements to minimize downtime.

Managers also need to consider transitional workflows, the happiness of employees, adjustment periods, reorganization, and so much more. It’s easy to miss out on important details when you’ve got so much to do. Don’t worry; professional movers at Diamond Hands Moving have made a handy list to help you handle every aspect of the office move like a pro!

#1- Map Out a Timeline

Whether your business is expanding, contracting, or you’re moving out due to an expired lease, it’s important to ensure all of your workforce is on board. Ask your staff to define their needs before the relocation starts.

Professional office movers can help set up the move within a day but planning ahead and communicating with the team will help minimize business disruption. Define a budget, rule out logistics and impacts on the operations, and assign responsibilities for different aspects of the relocation. You can designate representatives from each department or division or set up a moving committee that can coordinate with the movers.

Regardless of the needs or size of your organization, map out budgets, realistic time frames, contingency plans, and communication changes to steer through the transition seamlessly.

#2- Take Inventory

Getting estimates from different moving companies is will help clarify which packages meet your budget. You can get 24/7 moving quotes from Diamond Hands Moving and discuss your concerns about professional packing, moving, and unpacking services. We also offer storage solutions with secure vaults to keep your belongings safe.

Ask your designated moving committee to walk through different departments and list down any items that may need specialist labor to dissemble. Identify equipment that can be disposed of and check for items that may need repairing or special packaging.

Document each item in the inventory into categories and update the list regularly. Label each item methodically to prevent mistakes. Don’t forget to take pictures as visual inventory to ensure none of the items go missing. These images can also be used as evidence if you need to file an insurance claim.

#3- Plan Your Move

After identifying all the components categorically, the next step is to schedule the deadlines. Make a calendar with packing and moving days marked explicitly. Plan how to inform the clients, staff, and order new letterheads and business cards to resume normal operations as quickly as possible.

Set a projected completion deadline and give appropriate notice to vendors and suppliers too. Involve your marketing team in communicating the relocation plan and new address on your advertising collateral and social media platforms. Google takes time to approve the changes, so request new location at least a month in advance.

#4- Hire Professional Movers 

Use the quotes you obtained earlier for commercial moving services and shortlist the moving company you’d like to partner with. While budget is important, don’t let low price influence your decision.

Trusting lousy movers can end up costing you a lot more than the price quoted by companies with positive reviews and proven records of accomplishment. Check their credentials, license, and insurance because not all companies are committed to customer service, compliance, safety, and experience or expertise.

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#5- Packing Up

Things will quickly start changing when the packing starts. In order to reduce disruption, progress through the packing schedule carefully and methodically. You can make the office move less stressful by prioritizing items that can be packed early on and leaving the vital equipment for last.

No matter the size of the move, confusion is the enemy of stress-free office relocation. Label and track all inventory and mark all boxes correctly with department names clearly mentioned to make it easier to unpack.

If you team up with a moving and packing service like Diamond Hands Moving with experience in NYC office moves. Our professional movers provide boxes and work schedules that suit your organization.

They’ll discuss details regarding items that need customized packaging materials or specialized management and create a plan for a smooth move. Our team will also make sure all boxes are relocated to the places designated in the floor plan for a seamless arrival on the first day at the new office.

Diamond Hands Moving hires professionals after extensive background checks and trains them for the best practices to maintain the confidence of all our clients. Our professional movers have handled office moves for all sized businesses in diverse industries. They can guide you about the best course of action for your office move.

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