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Boroughs of New York Explained:

A Brief Guide for Choosing the Right Borough in NYC

Boroughs of New York Explained:

Boroughs of New York Explained:New York City comprises five boroughs—Staten Island, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and the

Bronx. Each borough is a part of the five counties of New York. Queens is a part of Queens
County, Brooklyn is located in Kings County, Staten Island is in Richmond County, Manhattan is
in the County of New York, and the Bronx is located in Bronx County.

Though there’s a president for each borough, they have a limited role. That’s because the
Mayor of New York typically centralizes the management in these boroughs. Each borough
features dozens of neighborhoods offering a unique way of living.

This guide by our professional movers will discuss the five boroughs of NYC and how to choose
the right neighborhood to help make your move process easier.

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Boroughs of New York Explained:

Boroughs of New York Explained:

Manhattan – The Most Popular Borough
Manhattan is the most popular borough of New York City as it is home to some of the top
attractions in the city, like the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. One of the best
places you can visit in Manhattan is Times Square, where people enjoy shopping, Broadway
shows, and rooftop bars.

Times Square is a great place to visit at night, and you can head to Central Park if you’re
planning to enjoy daytime activities. The urban park is built on 843 acres of land, featuring
playgrounds, walking trails, waterways, historic structures, and green spaces. Moreover, it is
surrounded by the top museums of the city, like the Guggenheim Museum, The Met, and the
American Museum of Natural History.
In addition to the monuments, museums, theaters, and bars in the borough, you can enjoy
some beautiful lookout points. For example, Manhattan features the best observation decks
like the Top of the Rock, One World Observatory, The EDGE at Hudson Yards, and SUMMIT One

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Brooklyn – The Most Trending Borough

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People in Brooklyn enjoy a vibrant atmosphere offering entertainment, culture, food, art, and
more. Based on population, Brooklyn is the largest borough in NYC as it attracts young
professionals, couples, and families.
Bushwick, Williamsburg, and DUMBO are some of the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn. You can
also travel down to Coney Island and the beach, especially when looking for activities to do with
kids in NYC. The Brooklyn Bridge offers an iconic view at night, while the Bushwick Collective
features dynamic street art.

Queens – The Largest NYC Borough
Queens is located next to Brooklyn. Based on its covered area, it is the largest borough of the
city, connecting to the Bronx and Manhattan via many bridges. From parks and museums to the
borough’s nightlife, there’s a lot to enjoy in Queens.

Flushing Meadows is the most popular part of the city as it features various must-see landmarks
like the Unisphere sculpture and the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. Queens
Botanical Garden in Queens is a picturesque venue featuring several outdoor gardens, an
arboretum, an indoor gallery, and a fragrance walk.

Despite being a densely populated region, Queens offers you to eat fresh from its land. There
are 13 farmers’ markets throughout the borough, so you can find one easily in any

The Bronx – The Culturally Diverse Borough
The Bronx has many open green spaces, a melting pot of historical structures, and various
cultures. Van Cortland Park is one of the most iconic places in the Bronx, where you can enjoy
different kinds of sports and natural elements such as forests, a freshwater lake, streams, and
The park is located beside the Woodlawn Cemetery, one of the oldest and largest cemeteries in
NYC, and a resting place for many notable figures like Miles Davis, Celia Cruz, Duke Ellington,
and Herman Melville.
The Bronx offers the most affordable living and an access to transportation facilities such as
buses and express-local trains.

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Boroughs of New York Explained:

Staten Island – The Historic Borough
Staten Island has a lot of green spaces, an impressive art collection, and scientific artifacts. It’s
one of the most historic boroughs in the city featuring the Snug Harbor Cultural Center and
Botanical Garden with 19 th -century buildings.
The borough has its own railway and bus routes to help you get around easily. Navigating public
transport in Staten Island can be affordable and simple for solo travelers and those traveling in
small groups.
Staten Island is a suitable option if you prefer living in quiet neighborhoods in New York City.
The borough is also surrounded by the biggest cities, making it a great place to live. Renters
living in Staten Island can enjoy lower rents than in Brooklyn or Manhattan.

How to Choose the Best Borough in the City
After exploring all five boroughs, you need to consider certain factors to decide which borough
you should choose to live in.
Requirements for an Ideal Neighborhood
When looking for a neighborhood in any of these boroughs, make sure it has a short commute
to your workplace. You can also opt for a longer subway ride or a drive to work and might
prefer staying close to the places where you want to relax at the end of the day.
When searching for the right neighborhood in the city that never sleeps, consider whether you
need a quieter corner or a place where all the activities take place.
Your Budget

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Housing in New York City isn’t cheap, except for in the Bronx. As you adjust according to the
city’s average living cost, you’ll find various places that are either less or more expensive.
Evaluate your budget in terms of monthly bills and rent to dig into places that check all your
boxes without breaking the bank.

Factors You Can Compromise On
Once you decide which borough suits your preferences, evaluate the factors you can
compromise on. For instance, if you’re looking for more square footage, Staten Island and parts
of the Bronx and Queens may be suitable. However, you may miss out on the happenings,
sights, and sounds of Manhattan. Though you can get there by ferry or train, it won’t be as

When moving to any of these boroughs, make sure you hire professional movers in NYC.
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Boroughs of New York Explained
Boroughs of New York Explained: