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What to Pack First When Moving

What to Pack First When Moving

Generally speaking, garages are filled with all kinds of items.

It might be exhilarating to move into a new house. However, moving could rapidly turn into a stressful process if you don’t pack your stuff in the proper sequence. Like most things, having a strategy can help you understand what to pack first and keep organized as you move through this stage. Moving involves several critical tasks, one of which is packing. Packing has a specific, systematic, and chronological internal logic.

Naturally, especially when moving, the effectiveness of the task really depends on preventing errors and planning ahead to make the process as seamless as possible. Starting with the right rooms and the right items when packing also prevents having to reopen boxes and unpack things you mislabeled as unimportant. Not only will you waste time looking for that one essential item, but you’ll also have to cram it all in at the end with a sloppy repacking of things that aren’t related. This will make unpacking and adjusting to your new house much more difficult.

It’s never too soon to begin packing for a move, whether you want to seek the services of a moving company or perhaps a few friends. You’ll need to make some preparations before you even consider packing your house. Throughout a move, many things can go bad. With so many moving elements and little nuances, there isn’t a blueprint for moving advice for every situation that can arise throughout the moving process, but in the majority of situations, a broad list of moving tips and tricks will be helpful.

“What Do I Need to Pack First?”

1. Start by getting ready to pack your belongings

There are some things you can do that will make packing much simpler before you start going through your house. The key to organizing everything for a smooth relocation is to follow this set of tasks to do before packing, which is the most crucial step in the packing process.

  • Make a list of your belongings and sort them – Take an inventory of your possessions and categorize them all before you even consider starting to pack. You need to be aware of everything you own before trying to pack. The best part is that when you do start packing those boxes, you may decide to utilize the detailed home inventory list as a packing guide. This will provide you with a trustworthy log to keep on top of your belongings and make sure nothing essential is missed.
  • Get rid of stuff you won’t bring with you – Moving everything in your home without first organizing it would be a huge moving blunder. Make decisions about what you will be bringing with you and what’s going to be left behind using the house-moving checklist you just made. Sort your belongings into categories like “give away,” “sell,” and “donate” as you sensibly tidy up.
  • Choose a professional moving company – Your choice of moving company has a significant impact on both your timetable and the security of your possessions. Moving companies have the skills, expertise, and resources necessary to complete each move successfully. Get in touch with Diamond Hands Moving & Storage today if you want to hire a trustworthy moving company in your area.

2. Which rooms to pack first

Let’s concentrate on which room you should pack first when moving after you’ve made an inventory of your belongings and disposed of everything you won’t be packing and transferring. Either pack the least-used rooms first or start with the hardest.

  • Garage – Generally speaking, garages are filled with all kinds of items. It’s wise to pack your storage spaces first while moving out of your house.
  • Basement or attic – Since attics and basements are typically utilized only for storage, there will likely be a ton of stuff to organize before you can begin packing.
  • Extra rooms – The next rooms you should pack are ones that are currently empty in your house, such as a guest room. It shouldn’t be too difficult to organize and pack your belongings because spare rooms have a lot less furniture than the other rooms in the house.
  • Kitchen – It will take some time to pack up your kitchen because there are many items concealed inside. While packing up your kitchen well in advance of the moving day might be quite difficult, you really shouldn’t leave it to the very end.
  • Living room – It’s advisable that you move quickly since there will be a variety of packing difficulties in the living room if you wait too long. It will be the large furniture pieces and expensive devices that will be the hardest to pack.
  • Everyone’s bedrooms -Keep in mind that organizing and packing the children’s furniture, clothes, books, and toys won’t be simple, yours too. Save the bedrooms for the latter phases of the packing process. The rationale is that you’ll need to be able to continue getting a decent night’s sleep while working on your packing schedule since you’ll need the energy to complete the chore of packing in a timely manner.
  • Bathroom – You should pack the bathroom last because you will use it frequently throughout each day to moving day.

3. Which items should be packed first

So that you may be as effective as possible when making your plans, let’s look at what items you ought to pack first in each area.

  • Storage items – These products are typically kept in boxes, which makes it simpler to organize and repack them.
  • Pieces of art – Even though packing wall hangings might be challenging, it’s a good idea to start there. Wall decorations should be taken down and put away in preparation for the relocation.
  • Clothes & shoes – If you have off-season clothing and shoes that you won’t wear until moving days, such as off-season clothing, pack them in advance.
  • Extra sheets and towels – You must empty your supply closet well in advance of your move. You may then rapidly shift your items and make the most of your space.
  • Books – Books should be one of the first items you organize and pack if you are a bookworm or have a small collection that you want to take with you.
  • Jewelry – Pack the pieces you don’t wear much and leave out those you do. You don’t have to wait until the last minute to pack your rarely used jewelry.
  • Kitchen supplies – There are some kitchen essentials that you will use right up to the very last, but there is also additional specialty cookware that you won’t be utilizing anytime soon, so pack those in advance
  • Toys & games – The majority of games, including board games and kid-friendly toys, may be securely packed in advance when deciding what to pack first for a move.

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Moving might make it feel difficult to comb through your stuff and decide what to pack first, but with a little encouragement, you’ll find your rhythm. Remember that the items you should pack last are those you will undoubtedly need before the actual moving day.

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