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Life in the Bronx: What You Should
Know Before Moving to the Bronx

What You Should Know Before Moving to the Bronx

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The Bronx is one of the boroughs in New York City, with a population of approximately 1.4
. The Bronx River divides the borough into the West Bronx and East Bronx. It’s a
culturally diverse and colorful borough and has been significantly redeveloped in the last
decade, featuring newly built housing complexes, parks, and abundant green spaces.
Various fun activities in the Bronx make your life in the borough special. For example, it is home
to Yankee Stadium, where you can enjoy Baseball matches. Furthermore, it also features the
Bronx Zoo, New York Botanical Garden, and Wave Hill—some of the most enjoyable places to
take your kids out.
The borough also offers convenient transportation and allows access to several amenities and
activities. People looking for housing at affordable prices should consider moving to the Bronx.
Whether you’re moving to the Bronx from another state or borough, you’ll need an
experienced moving company.
That’s where Diamond Hands Moving & Storage comes in. We’re a leading moving company in
New York City that can cater to all your moving needs and make the relocation process stress-
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The Most Affordable Borough in New York City

The Bronx is a suitable option for people searching for cheaper housing (while remaining in
NYC) and easy transportation access.
However, the cost of living here is much more than in the rest of the country. The housing in
the Bronx is much more expensive than in the rest of the states. Moreover, its retail and food
prices are also higher than average. Though the Bronx is the cheapest place to live in New York
City, it’s still more expensive than the rest of the country. So you must opt for a neighborhood
that best fits your budget.

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Life in the Bronx: What You Should
Know Before Moving to the Bronx

The Neighborhoods of the Bronx

The Bronx features diverse architecture, including family-style homes and art-deco-style
cooperative housing. The Grand Concourse is a 5.2-mile boulevard stretching from the
borough’s north to south.
The higher affluent areas in the West Bronx feature a suburban living style and housing with car
garages and front yards. Choosing a place to live in the Bronx depends on your budget, access
to public transportation, and proximity to Manhattan and the borough’s green spaces.
For instance, people looking for new restaurants, breweries, art spaces, and coffee shops in the
borough can move to South Bronx.

Fun Activities in the Bronx
The Bronx offers tons of fun activities that you can fill your day with. Whether you want to
spend a day outdoors exploring its green spaces or catch a Baseball game at Yankee Stadium,
the borough has got you covered. If you haven’t yet explored The Bronx, you should know that
it comprises hundreds of playgrounds, recreational facilities, and parks where you can enjoy
your time outdoors.
In addition to enjoying the abundant lush green areas in the borough, you can also visit the
country’s oldest public golf course. You can now take your game out on the greens while
experiencing the historical period.
Though New York City is surrounded by water, other boroughs don’t have many beaches.
People who want to enjoy access to the waterways will either come to The Bronx River or the
beach in the Bronx. Bronx beach is one of the ten beaches in New York City.

Access to Transportation
The Bronx offers easy access to transportation through buses and subways—included in the
Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA). That’s how you can travel from one
neighborhood to another or other boroughs paying less than $3 a trip. For greater convenience
and accessibility, you can also purchase a MetroCard.
There are 70 subway stations in the Bronx, and nine of them are express local trains you can get
on to quickly move to and from your destination. Buses in The Bronx are commonly used to
travel within a neighborhood or closer areas because of their frequent stops.
Another upside of living in the Bronx is that you can find parking spots much more easily than in
other boroughs. Moreover, street traffic is not as heavy as less than half of the households in
the borough own a car.

Moving Tips for the Bronx
Create a Relocation Checklist
One thing that makes a move stressful is the number of tasks to be done. It’s almost impossible
to take care of packing, transferring utilities, fishing many other affairs all in a short period. To
make your tasks easier, write a checklist to help you stay organized. The first thing to include in
your checklist is your budget and reaching out to an NYC moving company that also offers
packing services.

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Life in the Bronx: What You Should
Know Before Moving to the Bronx

Declutter Your Home
Don’t make the mistake of bringing everything to your new home, as this may add to your
moving expenses and make it difficult for you to settle quickly. Consider your relocation project
an opportunity for an upgrade and avoid taking heavy items, especially for a long-distance
Hire Experienced Long-Distance Moving Services in NYC
A qualified moving company will make the move project much easier, especially if you have
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