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How To Pack Your Clothes For Moving?

How to pack your clothes for moving

Guide on How to Pack Your Clothes When Moving

Moving takes a lot of energy, especially if you have a big closet. In this blog post we will teach you how To Pack Your Clothes For Moving. Organizing the transfer of all the clothing in your closets and dressers is probably one of the most frustrating parts of moving. Naturally, the most significant challenges with moving your clothing include properly packing them so they don’t wrinkle, guaranteeing that they don’t get dirty during the whole hauling process, and keeping them orderly. 

Not many people like the process of moving their clothes. It’s simple to put off packing these necessary home elements until the last hour. Each item has its own packing method, from intricate fabrics and hanging clothing to your footwear, headgear, and jewelry. Following are some guidelines you can use to properly pack and move your clothes to a new location, regardless of the size of your wardrobe. Spend some time reading the information below before your major move so that you may create the most effective plans possible, which will eventually save you time.

Preparing for Packing Your Clothes

In addition to researching affordable moving companies to keep your prices down, try these fast recommendations to assist you in expediting your packing process.

  • Choose the pieces you want to keep – The tiresome packing procedure for so much pointless stuff is eliminated when you decide what to take and what to throw away. Spend some time going through your closet and donating or selling everything you no longer wear. To help you make the decision of what pieces you want to keep, consider the following tips:
    • Get rid of everything you can’t recall wearing the previous time. Packing clothes you won’t wear is not worth the time.
    • It will take a while for an item of clothing to become fashionable again, so don’t plan on waiting. Learn to let go.
    • If you have a lot of extra stuff, think about giving them as gifts or donating them to a charity so that others can benefit from them.
    • If they don’t fit anymore, don’t hold onto them.
  • Dispose of the clothes you decided not to take with you – Prior to your move, you have a number of choices for properly getting rid of your old apparel.
    • Donate lightly used goods from your wardrobe. Donating your old clothes to a thrift shop is a great method to make sure they get worn. Another excellent choice is to give to your neighborhood Goodwill. 
    • Make presents out of your extra clothing for your loved ones. 
    • You can also sell unwanted clothing items that you have spent more money on or that you believe can be sold for a profit.
  • Properly store your treasured pieces of clothing – Some items in your closet, like your wedding dress or those quirky old trinkets, are too priceless to give away or part with. You’d still like to have them in your possession even if you don’t wear them every day. Consider keeping them in a self-storage facility.
  • Pick out what to wear on a moving day – Along with your moving day kit, set aside the clothes you’ll wear that day. This attire has to be cozy and appropriate for the climate. Have clothing on hand in case the weather changes suddenly, such as if it begins to pour. Towels, underwear, and pajamas should also be set out so that you may take a shower and sleep at your new house on the first night. Have a spare set of clothing available as it can take one or two days for your belongings to be delivered.
  • Wash or dry clean your clothes – It is strongly advised to wash your clothes as completely as possible before folding and hanging them. Putting clean clothing in a bag alongside filthy ones will just make everything smell worse. 

Methods for Packing & the Needed Supplies

Moving clothes begins with cleaning up your closet of unworn and extraneous apparel. You’ll need to start considering how you want to transfer these closet items once you’ve picked what to bring. Getting the appropriate moving supplies for closets is a good place to start when getting ready to relocate. The following are the essentials for packing clothing for a relocation.

  • Cardboard boxes – Folded clothes will be packed in these boxes. Thankfully, they are available almost everywhere.
  • Wardrobe boxes – When packing clothes that wrinkle easily and garments on hangers, wardrobe boxes definitely come in convenient.
  • Suitcases – The best and most affordable method to carry folded clothing, shoes, and other items is in a suitcase.
  • Duffel bags – These little bags are perfect for storing shoes and folded clothing.
  • Vacuum or compression bags – Condensing clothing items while shielding them from the outdoors is easy with these reusable storage bags.

Start Sorting the Clothes You’re Taking

It’s time to start going through all the clothing you intend to move after gathering packing materials and planning your packing strategy. One of the greatest methods to keep it all as orderly as possible throughout the relocation is to group closet goods into categories.

  • By season – Organizing your clothing according to season not only keeps you structured while you’re moving but also keeps your home clutter-free after you’ve moved.
  • By material – Consider classifying them according to various types of materials. Instances include clothing made of cotton, silk, linen, denim, wool, and cashmere, among others.
  • By piece – For example, you can pack shirts with shirts, shorts with shorts, and so on.
  • By person – Each member of the household needs their own set of materials and boxes with labels. Packing and unpacking will be simpler for everyone if items are sorted by person.

Packing Hanging Clothes

Move as much clothing as you can in hangers – undoubtedly the simplest and least-wrinkly method of moving garments.

  • Using wardrobe boxes – Although more expensive than other options, wardrobe boxes are made expressly for moving hanging items. They include a hanger bar that makes it simple to hang any kind of apparel inside.
  • Using garment bags – Use garment bags to safeguard intricate things as they may become filthy or damaged during the relocation.
  • Using drawstring trash bags – Possibly the cheapest and simplest method of transporting hanging clothing.

Packing Non-Hanging Clothes

Any clothing that isn’t being transported on a hanger has to be carefully folded and put in a moving box or travel bag. When preparing clothing for a move, there are numerous folding techniques to pick from.

  • The flat fold method – Best for large clothing items like sweaters and pants. Clothes packed in vacuum bags or card boxes work best with this technique.
  • The military rolling method – This method not only makes the most of the space in your boxes but also stops products from wrinkling while being transported. Most suitable for tiny or fragile garments like dresses and shirts.

Packing Shoes

Putting all of your shoes in a travel bag and moving them that way can seem enticing. Shoes, however, are susceptible to deformation and damage while in transit. You may avoid a lot of hassle later on by doing a little preparation work now and properly packing your shoes. 

  • Consider putting shoes in their original packaging. Use a thick rubber band to connect the top and bottom of the shoe boxes and tie them shut to keep them closed during transport.
  • Another excellent substitute for conventional shoe boxes is shoe bags. Because of their handy drawstrings, they offer protection while still being quite portable.
  • Use packing paper to shield your shoes.
  • Foam peanuts, newspaper, washcloths, or dishrags can be placed into empty shoe boxes to fill the area to prevent shifting.
  • Transporting shoes in hardshell bags is another moving packing tip for shoes.

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