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How To Find the Best Moving Company in Queens: An Ultimate Guide

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How To Find the Best Moving Company in Queens: An Ultimate Guide

Moving can be a headache unless you’re excited about moving to one of NYC’s safest boroughs: Queens. From easy transportation to plenty of entertainment options, a lower cost of living, and a booming job market, many things make Queens an excellent place to settle down.

Leaving your life behind to start a new life in an unfamiliar neighborhood can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. Hire a reliable moving company that can handle most of the work for you while you enjoy the experience of moving to Queens.

For that to happen, you must choose a licensed moving company with a proven track record. You don’t want movers who won’t care for your belongings. Fortunately, in this digital era, finding the right company to store or move your belongings isn’t difficult. All you need to know is what to look for.

With thousands of moving companies offering services in the United States, knowing how to catch the red flags and ensuring the movers tick all the right boxes can help you avoid headaches and scams. Professional movers at Diamond Hands Moving want you to keep the following in mind when preparing for your next move to Queens.

#1- Determine the Services You Need

Before reaching out to professional moving services providers, consider the services you need to make a seamless move. Schedule a consultation with the company to discuss your move type, distance, size of residence, and other essential considerations. It will help you decide whether you need a full-service team or just a few extra hands to assist with the relocation.

Will you be able to pack the belongings before the movers arrive, or will you need additional packers? Most established moving companies offer professional packing services as an add-on. It helps save time and reduces the strain or stress associated with packing and moving heavy items.

Companies like Diamond Hands Moving also offer box delivery services to help you get sturdy moving supplies to keep your belongings secure and organized. Our local movers can help you relocate within state lines. If you need long-distance moving solutions, we can help you manage the complex logistics of interstate relocation as well.

We understand that sometimes people need to store their extra belongings for short or long periods until they can make space in their new homes. That’s why we also offer secure and affordable storage solutions to add convenience to their lives.

Whether you need assistance with a single step or want a full-service moving company, we’re here to help you steer through the transition seamlessly.

#2- Read Reviews and Ask for Referrals

Even in the age of digital information, word of mouth still holds immense value. Many moving companies have hundreds of shining reviews from seemingly happy clients but beware because that doesn’t always tell you the complete story.

Ask for referrals from your professional and personal circles because first-hand experiences are more trustable than easily fabricable online reviews. Sometimes people nit-pick and post unnecessary negative reviews as well. So, use the online review system wisely.

#3- Partner with Insured and Licensed Movers 

You don’t want to arrive at your new home to discover a few damaged or missing items. While many moving companies have insurance, the type of insurance they have matters too. For instance, most liability policies don’t cover punitive damages.

Some companies offer replacement coverage with extra costs. If you’re transporting valuable items, the extra coverage is a good idea, as it offers a replacement for every missing and damaged item.

If the moving company whose services you’re interested in doesn’t offer complete value protection, consider purchasing it from a third party to prevent yourself from liabilities and injury claims.

#4- Discuss the Relocation Policy for Unusual Items

If you have an antique piano or a pool table you don’t want to leave behind, ask the movers about their ability to move awkward or large items. Some companies don’t move items that require disassembly and reassembly.

Speak with professional movers if you own a valuable art collection that will need special arrangements for a safe relocation. While you’re at it, discuss their policy of moving pets. Sometimes, moving companies don’t take on the liability even if your pets are well-behaved and amiable.

How to Identify Red Flags in Moving Companies

Sometimes, you may come across moving companies that aren’t completely honest. Some leave customers questioning their choice with few options to resolve disputes. Moving fraud is also incredibly common.

You can avoid scams by watching out for red flags, such as no insurance, blank contracts, and low estimates. Many movers give low ball estimates to secure more jobs and raise the price significantly once the belongings are packed for relocation.

To avoid problems, check the credentials of the company. Inquire about their insurance and licensing to make sure they meet all compliance laws and regulations set by the state.

Make sure the contract you sign includes details like the total estimate, delivery and pickup dates, and additional charges. An inventory with all the items they have agreed to move is also a must. There’s no way to file claims for items not included in the inventory list.

Ready to Schedule Your Move?

You’ll feel more confident in choosing a moving company that will move your belongings safely now that you know what to consider when planning the relocation. If you’re ready to move, give us a call to learn why our moving company is the top choice for getting the job done right.

Our professional movers not only make the relocation as convenient as possible from start to finish, but also help you plan, pack, and unpack strategically. We hire professionals after extensive background checks and train them in the best practices to maintain the confidence of all our clients.

We also offer commercial and office moving, residential movinglong-distance moving, and same day movers services to make moving and storage in Queens. Our services are also available for people in Manhattan, Bronx, and Brooklyn, NY. Get your 24/7 moving quotes now!