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At Diamond Hands Moving & Storage, we are pleased to offer our customers eligible for HRA moving assistance free of charge. As one of the Best HRA Approved Moving Companies in NYC, we provide free support for moving and storage. If you want the help of a Moving Company that accepts HRA, rely on us! We offer assistance for individuals who cannot afford the moving or storage costs due to financial or personal hardship. Our team assists people who qualify for free moving services through state programs. HRA Moving Services in NYC by Diamond Hands Moving & Storage includes offering homeless New Yorkers free storage with all of the safety and accessibility.

Find One of the most Reliable HRA Moving Companies in New York!

Our licensed and insured moving crew is here to ensure that every move goes off without a hitch. We provide drivers, movers, and safe storage facilities to people on public assistance as needed. As one of the HRA-approved top-rated movers in NYC, we provide services to people facing emergency eviction because of a court or an NYPD sheriff’s order. We at Diamond Hands Moving & Storage know moving can be stressful. It becomes worse when you are dealing with financial difficulties or uncertainty. We hope to alleviate some of this stress and ease your transition to your new home by providing comprehensive HRA Moving Services in NYC.

As one of the HRA-approved moving companies in NYC, it is never wrong to ask us for help in an emergency. A wide range of clients who are at risk can take advantage of our public assistance moving services. It comprises:

How can the Best Small moving companies in NYC Help?
  • Individuals and families with low or no incomes
  • Victims of interpersonal violence and abuse
  • Individuals facing eviction, like having orders to leave by a landlord or sheriff. Those people who have a court order to leave the city!
  • Residents of shelters and other people who are homeless
  • People living in unsanitary conditions or condemned housing
  • Individuals who are in imminent danger of foreclosure
  • Individuals who suffer from extreme health or medical conditions, such as mental or physical disabilities.

In each of these scenarios, we are aware that the passing of time is crucial.

As a Moving company that accepts HRA, we will do everything in our power to meet all of our customers’ needs for moving and storage at no cost. We can help with transportation, storage, and other specialized moving services. Trust us for high-quality packing and unpacking services. As one of the trusted HRA moving companies in New York, our objective is to ensure a stress-free experience to meet customers’ requirements.

Check with us to see if you meet the state requirements for public assistance or an HRA move! Get in touch with us right away to begin the moving process!

Why entrust your move to Diamond Hands Moving & Storage-Moving Company that accepts HRA?

Quality, dependability, and safety are essential! As a Moving Company that accepts HRA, Diamond Hands Moving & Storage clients receive the same benefits as everyone. Experience compassion and understanding with a Moving Company that accepts HRA- Diamond Hands Moving & Storage! We hope to ease the transition to new housing and reduce stress as much as possible in this manner.

We provide our customers with comprehensive services, including packing and unpacking services, moving day transportation, and storage—all of which are for no cost to those who meet the eligibility requirements. On a tight schedule? We also offer emergency moving services for people who need to move.

Let us assist you in planning and managing your move at every stage. Find out if you are eligible for free assistance with our New York moving team.

The social services programs are managed and carried out by the New York City Human Resources Administration (HRA), also known as the Department of Social Services.

By providing essential benefits to New Yorkers, HRA combats poverty and income inequality as part of its mission. It includes assistance with obtaining food and emergency rental assistance.

In the United States, HRA is the largest local social services agency. It administers more than a dozen public assistance programs annually, assisting more than three million people. The operating budget is close to $10 billion per year.

Why Choose Us as One of The HRA approved Top-Rated Movers in NYC?

Diamond Hands Moving & Storage’s insured relocation services include movers, a driver, and a truck to help you move more efficiently. Additionally, you may be able to receive moving services with no out-of-pocket costs if you are eligible for or receive qualified public assistance through HRA.

Our secured storage units, which remain secure and are accessible to households and individuals who meet the requirements, might be one of those services.

If you are facing eviction in New York City, our emergency pickup services are typically available within 24 to 48 hours. If you have questions or believe you are eligible under HRA guidelines, rely on us!

As an HRA moving company in New York, we offer professional services to people in dangerous living situations that are kind and private. Additionally, we assist low- and no-income families and homeowners facing foreclosure.

Get the Most Reliable HRA Moving Services in NYC!

Eligible clients may receive free or discounted moving or storage services if they receive HRA assistance with their move. We encourage you to contact us and discuss your circumstance and the possibilities because no two situations are alike.

Emergency moving services require prompt response and action. Even though it is a quick turnaround, we can help you move your belongings from one address to another or into safe storage.

When you work with Diamond Hands Moving & Storage, you will always receive the highest standards of honesty and dependability.

Is HRA Helpful for Moving Costs?

To receive emergency benefits or add family members to an existing case, ask HRA for a grant.

You can apply for assistance to fulfill your responsibilities if you require help paying your rent or mortgage. In times of emergency, HRA can also assist with some of your utility bills, though some New Yorkers may be required to repay HRA.

Moving costs can be covered by financial assistance for New York City residents. An Order for Service and Summary of Information booklet is provided by Exp Movers so that you know what is due at delivery.

HRA may recommend a moving company to you. You might require to send three estimates in writing.

We can complete the necessary paperwork to manage the remainder of the transaction.

The person listed on that document should complete the form if your name is not on the lease at your new address. The landlord may be required to complete the HRA documentation for leases in your name.

Schedule Your Free Move Today with Diamond Hands Moving & Storage! Are you eligible for public assistance or HRA? As an HRA approved moving company in NYC, we can assist you in determining it. With us, know more about your options and how we can help. After that, we will collaborate with you to schedule your move and make arrangements for any additional services you may require, such as short-term or long-term storage for your belongings.

We have a professional moving team standing by and ready to help in any way we can. We are eager to collaborate with you on your upcoming move.