Tips To Make Your Next Move Easier

Tips To Make Your Next Move Easier

As the day of your move approaches, the excitement and anticipation can mix with a touch of anxiety. The final days leading up to your move can be a whirlwind, but with a little planning and mindfulness, you can make this transition smoother and more enjoyable. In this guide, we’ll explore three simple yet crucial tips to keep in mind just before you move. These tips include reminding your neighbors, packing essentials for the immediate future, and taking time to relax.

Remind Your Neighbors
Your neighbors can be a valuable source of support during your move, and it’s essential to maintain good relationships with them. Here’s what you should do:

Inform Them About Your Move: A simple courtesy is to let your neighbors know about your impending move. You don’t need to go into all the details, but a friendly heads-up can go a long way in maintaining positive neighborly relations.

Road and Driveway Etiquette: Moving trucks and vans can block roads and driveways, causing inconvenience to your neighbors. Be sure to discuss your moving plans with them and ask for any parking permissions or restrictions in your neighborhood. You might need to apply for a temporary parking permit if required.

Avoid Looking Suspicious: Moving can sometimes look suspicious, especially if you’re moving larger items or have a lot of activity around your home. Let your neighbors know that you’re moving to avoid any misunderstandings or concerns.

Don’t Forget to Pack Essentials for Now
As you’re packing up your home, it’s easy to get caught up in the process and forget to prepare for the immediate future. Here’s how to handle this:

Pack an Essentials Box: Before you start packing up everything, assemble an “essentials” box. This box should contain items you’ll need in the first few days in your new home. Think of it as packing for a short vacation. Include essential toiletries, a change of clothes, important documents, chargers, and any medications you or your family members may need.

Label It Clearly: Make sure this box is labeled clearly so that it doesn’t get lost in the sea of moving boxes. If at all possible, carry that yourself separately from movers, should there be a delay. You’ll want easy access to these items as soon as you arrive at your new place.

Plan Meals: If you can, prepare some simple meals or snacks for the first day or two in your new home. You might not have your kitchen fully set up yet, and having something ready to eat can save you time and stress.

Try to Relax
Moving is a major undertaking, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. However, taking some time to relax before the move can make a big difference in your mindset and overall experience:

Exercise and Take a Walk: Physical activity can help reduce stress and clear your mind. Take a leisurely walk or engage in your favorite form of exercise to release tension and boost your mood.

Clear Your Mind: Take a few minutes each day to clear your mind. You might want to meditate, do some deep breathing exercises, or simply sit quietly and reflect. A calm mind can make the moving process feel more manageable.

Treat Yourself: Moving can be hard work, so why not treat yourself? Have a special dinner, order takeout from your favorite restaurant, or indulge in a small luxury that brings you joy. Treat it like a mini celebration before the big day.

Remember that moving is considered one of the most difficult and emotional processes for anyone, but it is a temporary process, and it’s essential to take care of your mental and emotional well-being throughout. By staying organized, informed, and relaxed, you can make the most of your moving experience.


Q. What should I do if my neighbors express concerns about the move?
A. If your neighbors have concerns, listen to them empathetically, and try to address their specific worries. Open communication can go a long way in maintaining good relations.

Q. What if I forget to pack essential items?
A: If you forget essential items, don’t worry too much. You can always pick up what you need once you’ve settled into your new home. However, planning ahead and having an essentials box can make the transition smoother and save a lot of wasted time.

Q. How can I stay organized during the move to avoid feeling overwhelmed?
A: Staying organized involves creating a moving checklist, labeling boxes clearly, and keeping important documents and essentials accessible. Regularly reviewing your checklist and progress can help you stay on track.

Q.  Is it necessary to notify my neighbors if I’m using professional movers for the move?
A: While it’s not mandatory, it’s a courteous gesture to let your neighbors know about your moving plans, especially if it involves large moving trucks or potential disruptions to parking and road access. Open communication can help prevent misunderstandings.
Q. What if I’m moving to a new city or neighborhood where I don’t know my neighbors yet?
A: You can still introduce yourself and inform your immediate neighbors about your upcoming move. It’s a friendly way to start building relationships in your new community.
Q. Should I pack all my essentials in one box, or can I spread them across a few boxes?
A: While having one designated essentials box is a common approach, you can distribute essential items across multiple boxes if that makes more sense for your move. The key is to label them clearly for easy access.

Q. What items should I include in my essentials box for the first day in my new home?
A: Your essentials box should include items like toiletries, a change of clothes, important documents (such as passports and leases), chargers, basic kitchen supplies (like a coffee maker or utensils), and any necessary medications or medical supplies.


Moving is hard, but it doesn’t have to be. If you follow some basic tips, you can make the process easier and less stressful. Hiring movers and packers that will help with heavy lifting and organizing so that all you have to do is drive to your new home. But no matter what questions you may have moving from Manhattan, moving from Queens, moving from Brooklyn, just reach out to me, Eli at 718.689.6969, Let’s make the best out of your moving day.