The Stress of Moving

The Stress of Moving

Diamond Hands Moving & Storage NYC

Moving is a stressful process, and that’s something we’re all aware of. There are some specific reasons why moving is so stressful: it takes time and energy, you have to pack up everything in your house, and it can be difficult to find the right moving company. So how do you manage all these stresses? How do you stay calm while moving?

Whether you’re driving or flying, getting your stuff from point A to B is going to cost some money. Choosing the right moving company can be daunting, as you get inundated with offers, as soon as your home goes on the market. You may be moving to or from a location, so you might start your search online, looking for those nearest you, as mileage is a major consideration. As an example, you would search Manhattan movers,  Moving from Brooklyn, Nassau, etc. Look for movers in Brooklyn, or movers in Nassau, etc. Engage with no more than three moving companies to get a quote and have a good look at their website and their testimonials. Getting the best price is not always the best answer. Having a look at movers and packers that will get all your items on time, and delivered in proper order can be a good reason to spend a little more. Movers and packers not only pick up your things but pack them professionally to ensure a better outcome on the other side. Check the comments on the moving companies you are considering. By getting enough information from no more than three movers to review, you should have enough information to make the best decision for your move.

If all goes according to plan and there’s no need for extra storage space during this transition period between homes/apartments/rentals/etc, then congratulations! You saved yourself some cash by not needing those extra units at all– but if you need that space, then decide whether here or there or where the storage can be accessed as conveniently as possible.

Diamond Hands Moving & Storage NYC
Diamond Hands Moving & Storage NYC

Moving without headache

Back to the moving company. Make sure you check and inspect the testimonials on their website, the moving and packing steps they take or require in handling your things, the moving and packing they handle, or do you handle that, the price, and the delivery condition and date commitment.

Moving is never easy, but making a solid plan can be really worth it. You should always do what’s best for you and your family. There are lots of things that need planning before the big day arrives. But as long as you have time available for packing properly and have selected a moving company that you have checked off all the boxes, it can be as pleasant as possible. There are lots of reputable companies to call on when in the middle of a move. If you want more information on how to make your next move easy, reach out to me, Eli @ 718.689.6969.    



Do moving companies pack my things, or do I do that myself?

That is usually up to you. Some folks want to pack their own things, while others rely on the moving company. Best to confirm when getting your price.

What is the way that moving companies charge for their service?

There are several considerations such as the distance you are moving, the cubic feet required for your belongings, and whether they are moving only, or serving as movers and packers.

How many quotes should I get before making a decision?

Getting too little or too many could become a problem. The rule of thumb is no less than two and no more than three.

How can I keep the cost down?

One of the ways to keep costs down is to select a moving company that is nearby the location you are moving from, as mileage is a certain strong consideration. And take a look at what you really need to move, eliminating anything that is time to move on from.