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Expert Moving Tips: Seven Mistakes To Avoid When Moving

Expert Moving Tips: Seven Mistakes To Avoid When Moving

Moving is exciting but also hectic and overwhelming. While some people enjoy the entire process of sorting and packing items, we bet a vast majority of people wish they could just teleport all their belongings rather than coordinate their move.

Well, since teleporting isn’t an option yet, professional movers at Diamond Hands Moving are your best bet for making the move less stressful. Whether you’re moving a little or a lot, across the country or town, here are some mistakes to avoid to ensure a smooth transition.

#1- Not Planning Ahead

Some people do better under pressure, but moving isn’t exactly the best time to test whether you’re one of them. Organizing and planning aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but preparation and packing ahead of time can be crucial to making a successful interstate or local move.

Make a checklist and follow a game plan to avoid wasting money and time. Consider the things you plan to discard, and think about how you want to pack the items you’ll take with you. The best time to start planning is at least a month before the move so that you have enough time to decide everything and inform the utility companies about your move.

To make a commercial move, you need to plan more carefully. Relocating the business requires moving large pieces of furniture, equipment, and important files. Bulky items will require more space, so you’ll need to plan ahead to minimize disruption and ensure everything is moved safely within the allocated budget. Schedule a consultation with our professional movers to learn more about our office moving services in NYC.

#2- Limited Supplies

Imagine you take time off work to begin the packing process, only to realize that you don’t have enough sturdy boxes or packing tape. This is usually a consequence of not planning ahead.

Many people rely on plastic bags for packing, especially when the time is short. Plastic bags are more susceptible to breakage and can result in lost or damaged items while making the move disorganized.

When it comes to packing, always use boxes tough enough to withstand wear and tear associated with the moving process. Try to figure out the number of boxes you’ll need to safely pack your belongings. If you want to make life easy, book our box delivery services and let us handle the rest!

#3- Packing Everything

Another reason to start the packing process a month before the move is to allow you to sort out items. Make a list of things you can donate, the things you want to move, and the things you want to put away in a storage facility.

Decluttering things you no longer need is important to make the move efficient and stress-free. You’ll also find stuff that’s trash or needs to be sent to an organization for recycling. Getting rid of all extra belongings can help you set up for packing success.

#4- Not Securing the Belongings Properly

Organizing and putting everything in boxes isn’t enough. Make sure they’re properly secured, so they don’t break. Carefully wrap all delicate and valuable items and invest in good-quality supplies to secure each box.

Bubble wrap helps secure fragile items, but make sure you place everything in sturdy boxes rather than plastic or paper bags. Unused paper, towels, and clothes make excellent gap fillers to ensure items don’t move around.

#5- Incorrect or No Labels on the Boxes

To make unpacking less stressful, always label the boxes properly. There’s no need to list everything inside a box but put a label according to the type of items inside or the room they should be unpacked in once you move to the new house.

You can also label them season-wise, such as a separate box for summer and winter clothes. It helps you remain organized. But make sure you use permanent markers and write clearly to make it easier for the movers, packers, and unpackers to read and understand.

#6- Overstuffing the Boxes

Overstuffing the boxes is another costly packing mistake that many people make. Find out the capacity of every box before filling them up. Don’t go beyond the pound limit set for each box to avoid breakage.

The best way to ensure safety is to buy plenty of boxes of the right size. Make sure they’re sturdy enough to keep all the items secure. Also, avoid putting all heavy items in one box—use separate boxes to spread them out and fill the rest of the space with lighter items.

moving company’s truck on the road

#7- Choosing a Moving Company without Proper Research

Whether your move is too far, too big, or moving next door, always research before partnering with any moving company. Use Google, read reviews, ask for referrals, and set up consultations to get an idea about their services and prices.

Some movers specialize in long-distance moves and local moves, so choose accordingly. Lesser-known or unknown movers may be cheaper, but will they be worth the risk? Think improver license, no insurance, property damage, hidden charges, and more.

Always partner with a reliable moving company with plenty of positive reviews and references. Browse the wide range of moving solutions offered by Diamond Hands Moving in Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, and Brooklyn, NY.

As bonded, insured, and licensed movers, we offer 24/7 moving quotes for commercial, residential, long distance movingsame-day, and box delivery services.

You can also book our storage solutions for putting away items safely for a brief period or long term, depending on your needs. We also offer efficient, organized, and affordable packing and unpacking services to lessen your burden when relocating to bustling areas of New York City.

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